CICP is Capital Investments Contracting Partners

Capital Investments

Based in The Hague, CICP provides professional services for professionals.

We are your partners working worldwide to offer:


Strategic Business Development

International Business Development support with expertise and local presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Saudi Arabia

Market Visability

Business Sustainability

Company Start-up

Company Scale-up

Adoption & Change


Career Development

Personal Coaching

Sales Training

Recruitment Process

Interview skills for corporates

Industry Knowledge (Energy, Oil&Gas & Offshore Wind)

Executive Placement

High quality Executive Search

(Online) Industry Events


Hosting / Moderator

Guest Speakers

Are you in need of specialized services
and want to know if we offer that?
Feel free to contact us.
fast foward thinking

our approach

Based in The Hague, CICP has a vision to network and partnership with like minded associates worldwide. Already CICP has associates in Dubai and France, and are looking to expand into a global market providing clients with solutions for a faster, smoother development. Watch our progress as we launch into the next decade!